Using Roulette Strategies to Help Your Game

RW-1aAnyone that plays Roulette on a regular basis develops some kind of a strategy to their game. They start to find their favourite numbers, and quickly learn what works best for them. Some people like to follow the wheel, and will bet certain numbers after a particular number has come up on the wheel. Others will bet the same numbers each spin. Then there are those that will follow set strategies to try and catch a good run on the wheel and benefit from the momentum.

There are a lot of Roulette strategies around now, and many of them have been around for tens, if not a hundred years or so. All of the well-known strategies can work well, but they can all lose you money too. There is no strategy that can ‘beat’ the game of Roulette. So you should never go into a game using a strategy with the belief that it is a ‘sure-bet’ for you.

But once you have more experience of the game, and you understand how random it can be at times, and how completely unpredictable it can be, then it is easier to accept any loss. But those that read the game well and have the experience to have seen different number patterns like to use a certain strategy that will suit the run of play over the time they have been watching.

Many of the Roulette strategies you can find today are based on the outside even chance bets (Black/Red, High/Low and Odd/Even numbers). Some of these strategies work on a negative progressive, meaning you increase your bet each time you lose. While others work on a positive progression, where you increase your bet when you win. Both can be effective, but you need to catch the wheel at the right time.


There are some other Roulette strategies that are more complex and use some of the inside numbers as well as the outside number bets. These can take longer for people to remember, but again some of them can be very effective when the user catches the wheel at the right time. Some players like to make up their own strategies too, and will often play around with a few things to see how they effective they are.

That is the beauty of Roulette. There is no one set way of playing it. In fact, there are endless ways in which you can play the game, and devise a strategy around. This is why some people love the game so much. A lot of mathematicians like to try and devise their own strategy and will study the wheel for hours and hours, trying to look for certain patterns.


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