How to Improve Your Blackjack Game

online-BJaIf you have ever sat down at a Blackjack table in a casino with a number of other players, and made a decision that others at the table did not like, or think was ‘correct’, they are usually pretty quick to let you know. It can be quite intimidating for those that have never played before, or not played much, and it often puts people off from playing.

If you are keen to play Blackjack and learn the game, but you do not want to do it on a full table of players that will crucify you for any ‘wrong’ move, then the ideal option is to play Blackjack online. A lot of the bigger online casinos such as Casino Action and Blackjack Ballroom have a wide range of Blackjack games that you can play, and the games are all very good and realistic.

The benefits of playing Blackjack online

When you go to a real casino you will find it very difficult to get on a low limit table, and a lot of the time the lowest limits they will have will be $25. This is not good for those who are just starting out, and is definitely not a good place to try and learn the game. But when you play online you can always find a table that has lower limits, and you can always be assured of getting on the table whenever you like.

There are also several different versions of online Blackjack available at the casino sites mentioned above, and you can decide whether you want to play a single hand game, or a multi-hand game. When you are just learning, a single hand game is all you need to begin with, but as you get more proficient you may want to start trying to play more than one hand at once.


You may or may not know that the Blackjack game is slightly different in America than it is in Europe. The main difference is that in America the dealer must always take two cards on the initial deal (one card is face up, the other called the hole card, is face down). Whereas in Europe, the dealer only takes one card on the initial deal. There are a few other minor variants because of this difference, such as when the dealer offers insurance when they have an Ace card showing.

So if you are used to playing one type of Blackjack over the other you will probably want to continue playing the game you know. This is fine, as the online casinos have a lot of different Blackjack games, some that offer the American rules and others that offer the European rules. So all of these factors make playing Blackjack online a very good option, and will quickly help you learn and enhance your game.


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